Saturday, February 25, 2006


Greetings all! Rob, Leah, and the Skifflings are off to New Mexico until next Wednesday, so I'm holed up here in the piling snow, typing away to all of you - and what an update we've got for ya! Hold on to your seats!

Two days ago we recieved our massive shipment of woodenware! Seriously - this is great news, and we're about to jump out of our skins. All of the equipment seems to be in great condition, and the deeps, bottomboards, and hive stands are all made of goodlooking, well-constructed pine, and none of the other stuff seems to be beat up or broken (so far as we've seen up to this point at least). The stuff also got to us super-quickly - thanks Betterbee! The gear is currently taking up residence in the Rob's basement.

Meanwhile, although we've still got plenty of time before the girls get here, we've also still got quite a bit of work to do. There's a lot of foundation to put in a lot of frames. And a lot of frames to put together. And cleaning up/repainting/painting of supers. And building an elevated "hive table" to put the two hives on. And possibly putting up a fence. What about that garden? Hmm, still much to be discussed. And probably more to buy at some point as well.

We're going to go broke. As friends, yall are required to buy some of our honey whenever we actually get enough to collect.

MORE NEWS - In addition to the woodenware, we also just got our confirmation receipt from Singing Cedars Apiary (the place we're buying the nucs from) in the mail. The apiary is located down in Orwell, VT - about an hour south of us. So, we're golden. Everything is in order and the two nucs of Carnolian bees will be waiting for us whenever Roland and Deborah drop us the call this Spring.



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