Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Look at This!

The turning of the new year has already promised to be an exciting one for Rob and me. Like Zerg Drones poised on the verge of mutating into hideous and terrifying vessels of carnage and destruction, something more palpable than anticipation seems to be hatching inside of us. If this past Fall we were nibbling at the proverbial bit, with the completion of our order a few days ago we are now officially chomping at it.

In addition to the trillions of dollars worth of equipment we purchased online the other day, we’ve also managed to get quite a bit for free as well. Despite the cash we’ve dropped starting this little endeavor, it definitely could have been worse. There’s still a lot of work to do before the girls arrive (e.g., cleaning, painting, nailing, etc.), but other than occupying a lot of time, the work will be welcomed. Besides, we can always listen to my homeboy Rob’s phat beatz as we’re enduring the labor in slightly warmer temperatures.

This sucky winter hopefully portends an early spring. Where was that infamous Vermont winter you Yankees kept trying to scare me with all summer? This is a Carolina winter plus a few extra inches of snow and some wind. Well, maybe next year.

Anyway, this paragraph marks a hallmark in my life – the closing of my very first blog entry. I hope the 4 of you enjoyed it!

Yours from under the tarp,



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