Monday, March 27, 2006

Ok, Ok, I'll post.

Greetings, both of you.

After an amazing Enchilada meal cooked by our boy Robert, I was gently encouraged to make another post in light of the recent upswing of blog activity. I'm pleased to say that we've been getting a nice little surge of traffic from the lovely people over at the message boards (the biggest and best internet beekeeping forum on the net, if I may say so myself!), as well as from friends and family, and a few others. We've also recently joined several very cool webrings, so welcome all if this is your first time dropping by.

It's not long now before the girls arrive. Rob and I built a low-sitting temporary hive table and placed it beneath the bay window behind the guesthouse, which we are also planning to plant some new ground cover and hopefully establish some sort of garden. We've got some really cool plans for redoing the backyard, putting in new flowers and herbs, and constructing some new raised beds on which we can hopefully get some veggies and edibles. In addition to this, we're also composting the corner of the yard behind the fish pond - near the giant dead tree that I'm guessing will one day splinter, fall, and smash us all to tiny little pieces. Its a very cool tree. I hope it never dies.

So, the low hive table comfortably fits two hives...we'll get some pics up tomorrow hopefully to show position and construction. Rob recently ordered a few more supplies (pollen collector, varroa screen, another set of gloves, staples), which should be arriving sometime this week. Yowza.

The backyard looks incredible. The crappy decaying leaves I failed to move prior to the first snowfall last year have been dragged away, the grass looks nice, and the likelihood of randomly stepping in dog poop during a leisurely stroll around the property is at an all-time low. Furthermore, tax returns are right around the corner - which means I can pay for my share of the parts and labor. Things are looking up!

Anyway, we'll be checking back in at regular intervals to make sure this blog is kept up to date and stuff.

Ya'll come back now, y'hear?


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you really drop from four to two readers?! I'm not buying it!

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