Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Pics + Update

A few pics from the pick-up drive down south, and a quick update!

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and cohorts, websurfers and fellow dweebs - a new, exciting chapter has just begun in our lives. Not only did our bees survive the pick-up and transplant, they have been extremely productive in the last few days.

The air traffic near the guesthouse has been impressive - even with the the gooey 1:1 sugar syrup the bees have been recieving, foragers are plenty busy leaving and arriving at the hive carrying even more nectar, or heavily laden with thick gobs of multicolored pollen. We simply could not have recieved the bees at a better time in the year...the apple trees in the orchard behind us have just begun to blossom in the last few days, and the ground is thickly carpeted with dandilion stalks and new flowering plants. A brief jaunt down the street reveals pear trees and crabapples awaiting pollination, and flowers and blooms litter the landscape. Vermont's mud season is over and Spring seems to have officially sprung. It took a while, but now it's here.

The hives have been strong and busy enough, and weather has been nice enough for Rob and I to take several quick peeks into the hives to see how everything is going. Now, before you post and tell us what bad beekeepers we are for not letting them sit undisturbed for a little while longer, let me assure you that, by my assessment, these are two very healthy and very happy colonies of bees. By two days after we transplanted them into the new deeps and put them in their new homes, both hives were acting as if they had been there for years. So...we peeked in. And what did we see...?

The bees are going absolutely crazy in there, and have already drawn out 1/2 of a whole new comb foundation that our mystery queen has already laid eggs in. A quick check on the brood production and cell arrangement on the other frames revealed a nice tight pattern, and eggs and pollen EVERYWHERE. It seems as if we are going to have a lot more bees very soon.

Today we are going to ride over to Bob and Marley's to check on the second hive and make sure that everything is going well. Because the nights have been a little chilly, we've been keeping the reducers on to help keep in the warmth in the hives...during the day, however, the bees have been busy enough, and demonstrated enough strength to defend themselves that we have gone ahead and left the reducers off during the day. We're going to keep feeding the sugar water, however. They love the stuff.

Will post again soon with more pictures, this time of OUR hives.

Oh yeah, and this is my mom (love you, Mom!):


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