Monday, March 20, 2006

The hives are done.

Anjay, Austin and I finished building and painting the hives this weekend. The parts from Betterbee were excellent. The frames easily fit together and the wax foundation was more durable that I had hoped. As for the supers, hive stands and bottom board they were also in good shape and the directions to assemble them were easy to understand. The location of the hives behind the cabin look good and the project only waits for Michael to build the hive stand and for some simple deer fencing to be placed around the parameter of the hives. Then we wait for the bees to arrive. Spring is just around the corner, so I’m reading all I can about the biology of bees and checking to see what needs to be done about mites, pollen supplements and the impact that these critters are going to have on the general health of the garden.

This project interests me because of the need to connect with something outside the realm of my job, cyberspace and the markets. With the world in such sad shape right now, getting some bees and watching them work to keep the cycle of life going is a good concrete step in getting the world working again. I have a feeling that this hobby is going to catch on in the next couple of years because of its economic and ecological benefits. Rediscovering the ways of past and adapting them to the present is a good way to begin.


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