Friday, March 31, 2006

Mann Lake Ltd. and Spring

The last of the bees supplies have arrived in the mail from Mann Lake, Ltd. They included a couple of mite boards, a pollen trap, some pins for the frames, and a bee suit for the kids to share. Mann Lake, Ltd and Betterbee they both have great products and excellent service. I was especially impressed by the woman who helped me at Mann Lake, Ltd. She answered my questions even with a couple of unhappy kids in the background. In addition, when I called back to order some hive staples the next day, another staff member found my order and placed the staples in the new mail package saving me a bunch of money and time. Mann Lake is clearly a class outfit and I’ll be ordering a lot of my supplies from them in the future.

The weather is absolutely beautiful here. The buds on the leaves are still small and this is clearly just a taste of what is to come. With the garden plans coming along nicely and the bulbs breaking through the soil, you can sense the change in the land and the beginnings of spring. I can hardly wait for the bees to arrive.


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